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Conjunctivitis Throggs Neck

Are you suffering from itchy eyes which constantly cause you to rub your eyes that are often accompanied by redness anywhere in your eyes or even beneath your eyelids? These symptoms can be more than just a minor annoyance, but are in fact the symptoms of an optical illness or disease beginning to form inside your eyes. If your eyes suffer from a burning sensation that does not alleviate from traditional dry eye treatments and persists on a regular basis, your eyes need more than just at-home care. For relief that will allow you to see comfortably once again, patients should be sure to visit their local Throggs Neck optometric physician at the advanced care practice of Throggs Neck Optical.

Pink Eye Treatments Throggs Neck

Pink Eye Treatments Throggs Neck

Conjunctivitis is an optical problem which can vary from patient to patient. This issue can occur from a variety of different problems, including viral, bacterial, and even simple physical or environmental issues such as allergies, certain shampoos, and even simple dry air can all cause your eyes to become pink or red in color. Each cause requires its own level of treatment from your professional Throggs Neck optometric physician. Symptoms of conjunctivitis include itchy and burning eyes, a heightened sensitivity to light, increased tear production, redness that appears in the white region of the eye or inside your inner eyelids, yellow discharge that appears most often after sleeping, and even discharge that is either white or green in color. Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is not always contagious. Only pink eye which is caused by bacteria or viruses is contagious. However, it is impossible for a patient to know the difference between one cause or another, and as such it is important that all cases of pink eye be treated by your eye doctor as soon as possible in order to stop the problem from spreading to others. Bacterial conjunctivitis is treated through the use of prescribed antibiotics in order to stop the infection, which can be administered through ointments, eye drops, or simple oral medications. Infections of conjunctivitis should begin to clear within one week. Viral form of conjunctivitis often needs to simply run their course, and your doctor will usually prescribe bed rest and limited contact with others to stop the illness from spreading.

For advanced optical care that will care for your case of conjunctivitis, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Throggs Neck optometric physician. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the state of the art offices of Throggs Neck Optical have been proudly caring for the vision problems of your local community for over 40 years. With a visit to Throggs Neck Optical you can receive the diagnosis you need for immediate care that will return your eyes to perfect comfort and health once more.

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