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Eye Health Care in the Bronx

Eye Doctor in the Bronx

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Eye health care in the Bronx

It is very easy to take your good eye health for granted – that is until something goes wrong with your vision. The best way to take care of your vision is to come in to our practice, Throggs Optical, for periodic eye exams. At our vision practice you will receive great eye health care in the Bronx.

At Throggs Neck Optical, our team of eye doctors can provide you with comprehensive eye exams as well as important eye health care in the Bronx. Our top-notch optometrists are Dr. William Guerrero, our owner and president, and Dr. Martin Sabesan. Dr. Guerrero specializes in fitting patients with all types of specialty contact lenses including: bifocals; astigmatic lenses; rigid gas permeable lenses; and lenses for keratoconus. He also specializes in managing patients who suffer from glaucoma and other eye problems related to diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy. Dr. Sabesan is a highly trained optometrist who has been providing patients with exemplary eye care since 1973.

Whether you need a comprehensive eye exam, a contact lens exam and fitting, or treatment of a specific eye problem, you can relax knowing that you will be receiving the finest eye health care in the Bronx when you come to Throggs Neck Optical. Our comprehensive eye exams are very thorough and cover both visual acuity and screening for eye diseases and disorders. During the first part of our eye exams our patients’ eyes are checked for their visual acuity. If it is determined that you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, our optometrist will be able to write a prescription for you that will allow your eyes once again to have crisp and clear vision. During the second part of our eye exam you will have medicated eye drops put in your eyes which will cause your eyes to dilate. This will allow the interior of your eyes to be examined. Our doctors will also examine the outer eyelids and cornea. As part of your eye exam your eyes will be screened for: glaucoma; diabetic retinopathy; cataracts; macular degeneration; retinal tears; and other diseases and disorders of the cornea, macula, and retina. The intraocular pressure of your eyes will also be tested using a special instrument. This test is pain-free and is very important as it could be an indicator of glaucoma. For an appointment to see one of our top-notch optometrists contact us today.

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