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East Bronx Eye Doctor

Dry eye treatment in East Bronx

East Bronx eye doctor

East Bronx eye doctor

Dry eye is a very common eye problem that generally occurs more frequently as a patient ages. Dry eye in itself is not a serious situation, and can usually be easily corrected using some type of prescription eye drops or over-the-counter artificial tears. However, if a patient has dry eyes and it is left untreated, the patient can go on to suffer problems with the cornea, or other parts of the eye, due to constant irritation caused by dry eye. Dry eye can cause your vision to become blurred, or your eyes to feel irritated. If you have any vision or eye problems, you will want to make an appointment to come in and see our East Bronx eye doctor.

At Throggs Neck Optical, we have two expert optometrists on staff who can help you with your dry eye problems. Our two top notch optometrists are Dr. William Guerrero and Dr. Martin Sabesan. They will be able to provide you with a comprehensive eye exam during which time they will be able to detect whether or not you indeed have dry eye. Dry eye occurs for one of two reasons; either there is an insufficient amount of tears being created, or the quality of your tears is not good enough to keep your eyes thoroughly cleansed and nourished. Our East Bronx eye doctor will be able to determine the exact cause of your dry eye and then be able to provide you with appropriate treatment.

Sometimes a patient will feel that they have something in their eyes. You may have previously experienced this feeling when you get a piece of dust or a tiny hair in your eye. However, if you have this feeling in your eye and it does not go away, or you have a constant feeling of grittiness, dryness, or burning in your eyes, this may be a sign of dry eye. Dry eye is a chronic condition which can even cause excessive tearing. Tears are necessary to keep your eyes well lubricated and nourished. If your tears are not sufficient in quantity, or do not have the proper chemical composition, you can develop dry eye. Dry eye can also be caused by taking certain medications, by a dry climate, by exposure to wind and dust, or by a number of general health problems such as arthritis. If left untreated, dry eyes can damage eye tissue, scar the cornea, and impair vision as well as make it very difficult for you to comfortably wear contact lenses. If you would like to meet with our East Bronx eye doctor to see if you have dry eye, and to be properly treated for this condition, contact our office.

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