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East Bronx Eye Doctor

Eye infections in East Bronx

East Bronx eye doctor

East Bronx eye doctor

If you ever have an eye infection, or think you may have one, it is important that you come in to see our eye doctor at Throggs Neck Optical. Our East Bronx eye doctor, Dr. William E. Guerrero and Dr. Martin Sabesan, will be able to provide you with complete diagnosis and care for your eye infection.

Most eye infections can be easily treated by our East Bronx eye doctor. However, if you have an eye infection and it is not treated, you run the risk of developing a serious vision problem. In the eye, problems can become serious very quickly, in fact over a short course of 24 hours. For this reason, it is important to make an immediate appointment to come in to see our eye doctor at the earliest sign of an eye infection. One of the most serious eye infections is keratitis. This eye infection is common in patients who wear contact lenses. It can cause blindness if left untreated. If you wear contact lenses, you will want to keep your contact lenses disinfected as directed by our optometrist, and also make sure that your hands are clean whenever you touch your eyes or handle your contact lenses. Signs that you may have an eye infection can include: a bloodied discharge from the eye; a yellow or green discharge from the eye; eye pain; sensitivity to light; a feeling that you have something in your eye that cannot be removed; and eyes that are irritated and red. You never want to let the symptoms go by without being examined by our eye doctor to make sure that your eyes do not have a serious health issue. If you are experiencing symptoms of an eye infection, we urge you to contact our office, and let our staff know the reason for your call so that an immediate appointment can be arranged for you.

For an appointment to be seen by our East Bronx eye doctor for an eye exam, treatment of an eye infection, or other eye care, simply contact our office.

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