Bronx Eye Exam

Reasons to visit the eye doctor in Bronx

Bronx eye exam

Bronx eye exam

It is recommended that adults visit our vision practice and optical store on an annual basis for a comprehensive eye exam. However, there are certain times when you should visit us at Throggs Neck Optical to see our optometric physician, Dr. William E. Guerrero, even if you are not due for a Bronx eye exam.

Small vision issues can suddenly turn into larger vision problems. This is why, if you are having certain vision problems, it is important to see our eye doctor for an immediate appointment. Even if you have just had a Bronx eye exam at our office, certain vision symptoms signal the need to come in to see our eye doctor immediately. If your vision becomes suddenly blurred, or your eyes are red, you may have an eye infection. Of course, this can also simply be an eye allergy, but it is important that you know exactly what is going on with your vision so that any serious problems can be avoided. There are certain eye infections, such as keratitis, which can go on to even cause blindness if left untreated. Keratitis is commonly found in patients who wear contact lenses; patients need to make sure that their hands are extremely clean whenever they touch their eye. Contact lenses can also be contaminated with harmful bacteria or fungus. If your eyes are itchy, this can also be a symptom of allergies or infection. If you have a sudden increase in the number of floaters in your eyes, and are experiencing flashes of light, you may be developing a retinal tear. If a retinal tear ends up progressing into a retinal detachment, your vision can be permanently lost. While many people experience floaters when they get older, a sudden increase in the number of floaters, is always a concern. If you have any sudden vision loss, you will definitely want to see our eye doctor on an emergency basis. Eyestrain and unexplained headaches also signal the need for an eye exam.

For an appointment to meet with our optometrist for a complete Bronx eye exam, contact us today.

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