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Country Club BX eye care

Country Club BX eye care

Have your eyes been blurring quite easily? Are you finding it difficult to see clearly at certain times? If so you may have dry eyes. Dry eyes is a condition that can easily be treated at our eye care practice. However, if dry eye is left untreated it can go on to cause serious problems for your eyes. Eyes which have dry eye symptoms can become damaged if the dry eye symptoms are not alleviated. When you want to have a dry eye evaluation, and the finest Country Club BX eye care, come and visit us at Throggs Neck Optical.

At our optical practice we are very happy to have two top notch optometrists available to help our patients meet their eye care needs. Dr. William Guerrero is the owner and president of Throggs Optical. Our other expert optometrist is Dr. Martin Sabesan. Dr. Sabesan is the original founder and inspiration of Throggs Neck Optical. When a patient has dry eye they may often get an uncomfortable feeling, such as when they have a speck of dust or foreign body in their eye. If this feeling continues, you will want to come to our eye care practice to have your eyes evaluated. Dry eye is a condition which can cause your eyes to feel gritty, dry, burning or even have excessive tearing. It is good to know that dry eye can be easily treated at our optical practice, where patients come to for Country Club BX eye care.

Dry eye is an eye condition which is caused by one of two different problems. Either your eyes are not creating a large enough amount of tears, or the amount of tears that are being created are simply not effective enough in cleaning and nourishing your eyes. Dry eye is a common eye condition that becomes more common as people become older. Dry can also be caused by blinking or eyelid problems, medications such as antihistamines or oral contraceptives, living in a dry climate, by wind and dust, or other common situations. If dry eye continues it can end up damaging eye tissues or scar your cornea, and even make it difficult for you to wear contact lenses. When patients come in to see our eye doctor for dry eye they will be evaluated for this condition. Treatments for dry eye can include medicated eye drops. In more advanced cases of dry eye patients may need to have a small procedure performed which will allow tiny silicone plugs to be placed in their tear ducts. For more information about dry eye, make an appointment to come and see us for Country Club BX eye care.

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