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Eye Doctor in Throggs Neck

At Throggs Neck Optical, we’re concerned not only with helping you to achieve the best vision you can get, but also in ensuring you the highest level of eye health possible. To do that, we recommend that you schedule a complete eye exam with our eye doctor in Throggs Neck every year. Among the eye diseases that we screen for are cataracts. This is a condition that is marked by your eye lenses becoming cloudy and is caused by a buildup of protein. As new cells form on the outside of your lens, the older cells are pushed to the center of your lens. The result is a film-like quality and compromised vision.

The origin of cataracts typically is about aging. Over half the cases of cataracts are found in those 65 or older. Heredity can also be a factor and cataracts may occur at any age, even at birth. Diabetes and radiation exposure are both linked to the formation of cataracts. And certain drugs, including corticosteroids and diuretics may be associated with this eye disease too. Lifestyle choices such as smoking and heavy alcohol use are risk factors.

As with most eye diseases, you are unlikely to notice any symptoms in the early stages. But as the disease progress, light starts getting blocked out and you may notice blurred or foggy vision or the feeling that you have a film blocking your eyes. You might also experience difficulties with night driving, especially dealing with the glare of oncoming headlights. Among the other signs of cataracts are double vision, changes in how you perceive colors, and a sudden change in your prescription for eyeglasses or contacts. Somewhat ironically, older patients might find that they don’t need their reading glasses anymore, but this might be a symptom of cataracts. If you do detect any of the above, you should call us to arrange an exam by our eye doctor in Throggs Neck.

Treatment for cataracts is usually not necessary until it affects your ability to live your life in the manner you want to. If your eyesight has become affected to a level where you cannot read or do the things that are part of your daily routine, surgery may be the best option for you. When that occurs, scheduling a consultation with ourĀ eye doctor in Throggs Neck will help you to determine the proper course.

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