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Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook their eye health. Yearly eye examinations are extremely important and our eye doctors in Throggs Neck know just how vital monitoring one’s eye health is. It is not simply for people who suffer from noticeable vision impairment, such as nearsightedness or astigmatism. Anyone can develop an underlying eye condition and many people are living with factors that put them at risk of developing such conditions. Here at Throggs Neck Optical, you can get a comprehensive annual eye exam to make sure that your eyes are always in good condition.

Throggs Neck Eye Disease Testing

Throggs Neck Eye Disease Testing

There are a number of eye conditions that can end up impairing your vision, perhaps even permanently. Unlike issues like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, there are other diseases that can have a more dramatic effect on the way your eyes can see. Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are all vision impairments that can be easily rectified with the use of proper prescription glasses or contact lenses. Other conditions, such as cataracts, can cause severe damage to your eye and permanently impair your vision. Cataracts are when the lenses of the eyes to cloud. This makes it very difficult to see properly and makes activities such as driving incredibly difficult. Cataracts usually form slowly and gradually over time and may take the patient some time to notice that they are present. This is why regular eye exams at Throggs Neck Optical are so important. Our Throggs Neck eye doctors, Dr. William Guerrero and Dr. Martin Sabesan, can monitor your eye health and make sure that any conditions, such as cataracts, are caught as early on as possible in order to dispense the best treatment.

At first, stronger lighting and prescription lenses, whether glasses or contacts, can help you see despite having cataracts. If they get worse, however, surgery may be deemed necessary. Even though you should schedule annual eye exams, you should also plan visits as soon as possible if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms. Some symptoms of cataracts include sensitivity to light and glare, seeing halos around lights, double vision in a single eye, difficulty seeing at night, clouded or blurred vision, frequent changes in prescription strength and the fading of colors among others. Schedule an appointment here at Throggs Neck Optical at the first signs and our Throggs Neck eye doctors will provide you with the treatment you need.

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