Optometrist Throggs Neck

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Getting your child to go to the doctor- any doctor- is not always an easy task. Throggs Neck Optical, though, can make the experience pleasant and non-threatening so that your child will be able to relax and you will not have to experience anxiety. The key is being prepared. Our Throggs Neck optometrist, Dr. William E. Guerrero, takes the time to explain what is about to happen and why it’s being done. It is also extremely helpful if you put your child’s mind at ease prior to arriving for his or her visit. Assure your child that a trip to the eye doctor does not involve anything painful. But do let her or him know that some of the tests will require the use of eye drops. Applying them can involve a bit of stinging, so it is a good idea that they know that beforehand.

Optical Exam Throggs Neck

Optical Exam Throggs Neck

A pediatric eye exam includes both a physical exam of the various parts of your child’s eyes as well as a visual acuity test to determine if he or she needs corrective lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or an astigmatism. Also, our Throggs Neck optometrist will screen your child for common eye conditions such as drooping eyelid, double vision and diseases like cataracts and glaucoma. Although cataracts and glaucoma are more likely to affect adults, it is not unheard of for children to contract either and since both diseases often have no symptoms in their early stages, checking for them makes a great deal of sense. Remember that early detection of any disease, including those of the eyes, greatly increases the chances of successful treatment.

For visual acuity, our Throggs Neck optometrist will have your child read from an eye chart. If she or he is not old enough to read, however, “The tumbling E game” is very effective in testing your child’s vision. A series of E’s are presented and your child will say which direction they are pointing. It is both fun and useful. Should your child need prescription lenses, we have a wide selection of frames from which to choose. A pediatric eye exam affords you the best way to assure that your child’s eyes stay healthy, strong, and seeing as well as possible.

Pediatric Eye Exams Throggs Neck
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