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Do you constantly feel as though there is something stuck in your eye? Are your eyes often irritated, red, itchy, or gritty feeling? Are your eyes constantly tearing, or is your vision often blurred? These are uncomfortable symptoms, and if they are happening to you regularly, they should not be ignored. These are symptoms that are most commonly associated with dry eye syndrome, and our Throggs Neck optometrist from Throggs Neck Optical can give you the treatment you need. At the onset of dry eye symptoms, simply schedule an appointment with our Throggs Neck optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam at our office.

10465 Eye Exams

10465 Eye Exams

During this exam, we will carefully look for signs of dry eye syndrome. Though dry eye syndrome cannot technically be cured, we can give you viable solutions to help minimize your symptoms and increase your comfort. There are several treatment options available to combat dry eye symptoms, such as: increasing the amount of blinking, increasing the humidity level at your house or your place of work, using artificial tears, or using a moisturizing ointment for your eyes each night before you go to sleep. Some patients also use special plugs at the corners of their eyes, in order to slow to process of tear drainage and keep your eyes as lubricated as possible throughout the day. In the most advanced cases, our Throggs Neck optometrist may even recommend surgical closure of the draining ducts to better preserve your natural tears and combat your dry eye symptoms. We can also analyze your tears using special tests in order to find the most useful treatment for your individual case of dry eye syndrome.

If you would like to learn more about dry eye syndrome treatment or any of the other many services provided by our Throggs Neck optometrist, we encourage you to visit the main Throggs Neck Optical website to look through some detailed descriptions of our services, along with articles related to your own eye health. Should you have any specific questions or concerns regarding our services or another related topic, we hope you will feel free to get in touch with our staff for assistance. You can reach us either by calling the office directly, or you might also choose to send us a message using the contact form on our website. We look forward to working with you soon at Throggs Neck Optical.

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